Monday, May 7, 2012


Have you ever felt like your heart was so heavy for so many at one time?
Our family sat down for dinner tonight and listed out families to pray for...

I ask for you to join me in prayer for several friends and family.
These are friends in my phone.
Friends that come to my rescue when I need major appliances installed or a tree limb cut down.
Friends that I have known since high school.
Friends that I have known since college.
Friends I work with.

The Skeldings: This is their caring bridge site. Meagen will give her bone marrow to her sister Emily tomorrow.  Emily is fighting leukemia.  Brian and Michele are the parents.  They have two more precious children at home.  Their faith is nothing short of amazing.  I am blessed to call them friends.  Specifically pray at 7 am and 12 noon tomorrow for transplant and infusion to be successful.

The Windhams - This is their facebook page.  Their baby was born at 24 weeks.  Pray for Jeffery, Amy, Marlee, Layla and their baby Halle Scott.

John and Karri Allen - This is their caring bridge site.  I work with Karri.  I love her more than ketchup.  She is Proverbs 31 woman.  She makes me want to be a bettter wife.

The Carrs: This is the site set up for their son who they have taken to Duke for a bone marrow treatment to save his life.  They are members of our local church.  I teach their daughter on Sunday mornings.

Melinda- my friend I met my first week in college going through the dreaded Rush.  I work with her and she lost her husband this past week.  She is a momma to a 5 year old and a 3 year old.

Even when I make my list and  see their needs I know God knows each one.
He is soveirgn.
He is not surprised.
He loves them more than me.
He is good.
He is just.
He is right here.

We are the body of the most High

We are the bride of a Savior

And we fall for the King of the kingdom

As we sing the songs of salvation
And we stand for those who cannot stand for themselves

And we love the loveless

And we go where Your light’s not shining

We are the body of Christ

We shine like a city on a hilltop

We boast in the Spirit living in us

And we march on a road leading to freedom

As we reach out our hands to the fallen

And we bring living water to the thirsty and

We live for the One who was and is and is to come
So our life counts for something greater than ourselves

We are the body of Christ

And our anthem will be a song of praise to the King

“He is worthy, He is worthy”
With one voice we will sing, “Where oh death is your sting”

He is mighty, He is mighty

© Brook Hills Music

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