Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tomb Cake

It is almost Good Friday! I love Easter Sunday. Not because of new outfits or a huge lunch at my sister's house but because it is good news that our savior trampled over death and rose again just like he said he would. To teach our children about Good Friday and help them remember Jesus' death and resurrection we started the Tomb Cake tradition. I think the first year we did this my son was one and now he is almost 10! These babies grow up so fast. I don't want my children to remember the yummy chocolate cake but I want them to remember Jesus and what He did for them.
First bake a cake. Any kind will do. We go all out with a yellow box cake. I use a bunt pan and then cover it with chocolate icing. Next, we let daughter eat three Popsicles really fast because she could be in the Olympics for Popsicle eating one day. We make a cross with two and then we let son draw a face on the other Popsicle to represent Jesus. We wrap Jesus in linen (we use toilet paper because we are thrifty) and we place him in the middle of the cake. We then seal the tomb with a big cookie. We read Matthew 27:57-60
On Saturday we read Matthew 27:61-66 and we check the tomb to
make sure Jesus is still in the tomb.
On Easter morning before the kids are awake - the stone is rolled away, Jesus is hidden and the linen(toilet paper) is on the cross. Then we read Luke 24:1-8.
This may look like a cake but an empty tomb represents so much more. It shows us that the scriptures are true. Jesus told his followers I will rise again but no one understood nor did they believe him. They ordered soldiers to keep guard to ensure that didn't happen. The empty tomb also represents our redemption through our faith in Jesus. He is the one true God. The one we can believe in and surrender our lives to. He is the one who descended into this world to make a way to the cross that made a way for our eternity.

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