Saturday, February 1, 2014

My People of Snowapocalypse

Everyone I know has a story from Tuesday January 28,  2014.  I work at an elementary school and happen to be in a classroom with no windows. I didn't even know the snow began. But it wasn't long until I received the email we would dismiss at noon. I then was asked to help in the lunchroom. I was given a pair of gloves and began throwing oranges on trays. 4 to be exact Mrs.Michelle Obama. We got word dismissal had been bumped up to 11:30. By this time I had seen the snow along with 975 elementary students who were squealing with delight. I was back in the office when word came that the buses were called back. 

Controlled chaos began. 

Here is what I think about as I reflect days later and look back at my cellphone that could not dial out on Tuesday. We need people and not just any people, people that pray. 

1. The first thing we did in the office when the buses were called back, a group of us held hands and prayed. 
2. My son was not only with his teacher at a different school but she happens to be one of my closest friends and is in my small group. She sent me a text and said, "I have him." We texted each other the words: "pray"
3. Friends with kids in my school sent me text to check on their kids with the words, "I am praying"
4. Our student pastor from church walked in the snow from his house to offer help and also sent a text, "the staff and I are praying"

My husband was in Mississippi. He didn't understand the chaos that was going on and had no idea what my text meant. I mean it was only to be a dusting! It was only God's divine intervention that my daddy was able to call me. Only phone call I got for hours. He said, "don't worry. I will get Tyler from school and I will get you and your sister home." My sister was at her elementary school on the opposite end of town. He promised his tractor would make it. My daddy lives 15 minutes away in another small town. It took him round trip over 4 hours to get my son home. 

But my son was home. 


And now my daddy couldn't get me. 

Second phone call to come through was my mother. She was safely home from her school. She promised to keep calling Tyler and checking on him until I could find a way to him. 

A little before 5 our school resource officer said,"Marsha, your daddy sent someone to pick you up."

It was another hour before I would make it home. Thanks to a big 4wheel drive and an experienced volunteer fireman. 

Then the story of who I left behind at school. 
Some of my favorite people on the planet. These are not just my coworkers but my friends. There were teachers who were stuck. There were teachers worried about their own family. There were teachers doing what they do everyday. There were aides, administrators, bus drivers, school resource officers and a school nurse. Caring for children. I have seen the secret of that world. They just don't lesson plan and teach a new math that drives you crazy. They are not just chaperoning your children through school everyday. They are caring and loving your children in ways that never get noticed. They listen to funny stories and tie shoes.  They teach children how to wipe their nose, they feel for fevers. They bandage boo boos. They make sure they eat. They don't leave. They didn't leave your child. I had some of the saddest and funniest text from this friend that night. Her own child slept in the hallway at school that night. No doubt these teachers did bonus work that night. But they do it all the time. And no one ever says thank you. I hope the public remembers this before they fire off an ugly email or complain about homework or complain about a conduct mark.  Loving your children isn't in their job description it is in their heart. Their greatest reward never will come from their paycheck but it comes every time your child succeeds. Thank them. 

Thank the people who text you on that day. 
Thank the people who helped you. 
Thank the people that prayed for you. 
Thank God you had people. 

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