Friday, September 20, 2013

School Picture Day

School day pictures make me laugh. I always end up in a clothing or hair battle with a nameless little girl in my house and then I remember 2nd grade. 
My mom had taken me to get a perm. I wanted to be Annie. My best friend Katie had a perm and I had to have one. The perm didn't take. She took me back the next day and they did it again. My hair was fried.  It grew at recess. My teacher called my mother and told her I had snuck a John Deere tractor toboggan to school and refused to take it off. It was so bad Katie's mother took me to have chunks cut out. It was bad. 
So on picture day, I had a new shirt from Bargain Town. I wanted a hair clip to show off my earrings. Mother wanted my hair down. We fought and she won. I went to school and found my friend who had 50 hair clips in her hair. I asked her if I could borrow just one.  So my strong willed self put one clip on one side of my hair to show off my earrings!  I won!  So I thought . . .  Did you know they send those pictures home? To my surprise my mother saw what I had done at school. I don't have the picture to show you. I am pretty sure we did not purchase that picture. I have the pre-perm picture. Obviously my daughter's fashion sense and strong will don't fall far from the tree. 
So if you see her today for school pictures, just know she won and I didn't fight because I am sure she would find a way. 

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