Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Son

I remember the day your daddy and I went to the doctor to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. I didn't have any idea what I was carrying and was still very young an unsure if this mommy thing was going to work out for me. The ultrasound technician immediately said well "It's a boy!"  I looked over at your daddy and he was beaming. Excited to say the least. I remember he went back to work only to call me and ask if he could buy a basketball goal and a boat.
Boys were new to me. The first boy I lived with was a cousin in college. We shared a bathroom and I thought I might die. But as soon as you were born, I knew the world was keeping quite about the secret with a momma and a boy. 

It has been a blessing to watch you grow. You were always the best sleeping baby! You had 5 pacifiers at all times. Your favorite toy then and now was a ball. Any ball. When you were two you had memorized all the dinosaurs. You could name them and tell me who ate plants and who ate meat. Staying home with you meant countless hours outside in our small back yard. You loved sprinklers, mud, power wheels and bugs. You were 2 1/2 when you became a big brother. You brushed her teeth with a power toothbrush when she was 3 days old because you said she stunk. You are the reason we call her Marlee Grace because just Marlee was not her name. 
When you started kindergarten you told me not to cry that you were a big boy now. You made friends easily and fast. You still could make a friend anywhere. Your dad and I laugh when we go on vacation and you have friends by the first day. You whistled for a year of your life. Seriously all the time. You now click your tongue so loud it hurts my ears. You were made to make noise. 

You still surprise me.  Just when I think I have you figured out, you show another side of yourself. In Belize you lip synced a praise song to get the kids involved. You made a decision to be baptized in a village that had not seen a baptism in years. You taught me about witness and discipleship. Your prayers have always amazed me. I am thankful you have learned to speak to God without fear. To watch you grow in your relationship with The Lord is by far the biggest blessing in my life. You told me our family is at its best when we serve together. I couldn't agree more. Serving with you on mission locally and in Belize are some of my favorite mommy moments. 

Going to the doctor this summer with you was a little unreal. Your legs hung off the table almost touching the ground. You are now 5 feet tall. You have passed me in shoe size. You are somewhere between little boy and young boy and trying to figure that out. You will always be our first. We don't know how to parent sometimes. Just this year I told you, we are still figuring out this parenting thing and mommy and daddy don't know what we are doing. You smiled as if to say, I already figured that out. Tomorrow at 3:50 p.m. you will be 11 and I must say that I like this age. Sometimes you need me and sometimes not. Just when I think you are growing too fast, I catch you whistling and I smile because I know you are still the boy I get to mommy. The first one to call me that word. The first one who stole my heart. 

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