Sunday, February 17, 2013


Husband ran 26.2 miles today for his first Full marathon.
We are 26 days from Belize today.
No words to describe how much I love this man.
I have been the momma that cheered for her kids maybe too loud.
I have been the momma who cried during one of my kids sporting events.
That doesn't compare to watching my husband.
This is my fourth marathon to watch my friends run.
There is nothing like it to see it in action.
The 80 year old finishing his first marathon.
The handicap man who drags a leg but beats half the crowd.
The crazy boys in tutus.
The Kenyans.
And yet all I cared about today was an injury free race for my husband.
He mapped it out for me.
When to be where.
What I was to hand him.
What I was to take.
Where I should stand.
His engineering brain had a strategy.
He had a goal.
I grabbed his hand and prayed over him before we got out of the car.
He said this might be the dumbest thing I ever did.
I laughed and said no that was marrying me.
The waiting at a mile marker to see him was too much.
I would catch him in the crowd and shake my Auburn shaker wildly as he would flash that smile.
The finish line is loud and music is blaring.
People screaming.
I shake my shaker so much my arm is numb.
And then he turns the corner.
I am screaming but he can't hear me.
Then he sees the shaker and he flashes the smile.
It is done.
He killed it.

"A magnificent marriage begins not with knowing one another but with knowing God "
- Gary and Betty Ricucci


Shirley Stone said...

So proud of you both..the cheerleader and the runner! The team Roach!! God is truly glorified in your marriage...

Shirley Stone said...

So proud of you the cheerleader and Joey the Roach! your marriage truly glorifies God!