Sunday, December 2, 2012

40 years with Sister

40 Years of Memories With Sister
1.       Our matching twin bed comforters in the Pink Pepto Bismol room.
2.     The year we got an Atari.
3. You playing in a “dirt” pile in lacy socks only to learn it was cow manure.
4.   Your Mickey Mouse obsession.
5.   Letting me sleep in your room until I was 14.
6.   Bath time talks.
7.    Letting me wear your clothes until they were covered in ketchup.
8.   Teaching me how to put on makeup.
9.   You  winning the best hair award at summer camp while I won most accidents.
10. You knowing if I am smiling in the dark.
11.   Your headgear and glasses with your name on them.
12.  Oddie with no ankles.
13.  Going on your dates and you made me lay down in the back seat when we cruised McDonald’s.
14.  Me crying when you left for college – 10 minutes down the road.
15.  You trying to kill me if I sat in the rocking chair.
16. Stealing your makeup.
17.   Writing each other notes and sliding them under our doors.
18. You waking me up and crawling in my bed and telling me about your dates.
19.  The rolling of hair.
20.You and your nose plug.
21.  Us shelling peas and watching General Hospital.
22.Little house on the prairie.
23.The Grand Am and walking away like it was not ours when it made noises.
24.Dogs at Christmas.
25.Flower the Bunny.
26.Making payphone calls home with reasons why I needed to spend the night with you at college.
27.  Showing cows in white keds and white blue jeans with ROLLED HAIR.
28.Sitting on the front porch with a radio.
29. Eggs and hot oil treatments for our hair.
31.  Graduations.
33. Engagements.
34.Wedding Dresses.
37.  Tears.
40. Not Finished.

How do people make it through life without a sister? 
 ~Sara Corpening

You can thank me later, the 40 things mother doesn't know about you list I am saving and adding 10 for when you are 50!


"Nene" Parker said...

Love it sweet!

"Nene" Parker said...

You are lucky! This is funny and sweet.,