Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Country Song or It Ain't

My life should be a country song.
Between my kids, last name, life on the farm, day to day catastrophes, I should have my own country song.
But I don't.
So you get my brain dump today to sum up.

I love my job. I love going to work with my kids. I love it.
I miss my friends.
I feel like I talk to some of them almost never right now.
Best thing about having a full time job. Cell phone bill cut in half. Can you feel Husband smiling?

We had a family photo shoot at the farm...go here http://www.jencowsar.com/index2.php#/home/ and check out her amazing work.

This was our first day of school photo shoot. Kindergarten and Second Grade. Both kids are loving school and loving their teachers. They both still are adjusting to waking up at 6am...but I figure that is a battle I will fight for the next oh...12 years.

Son turned eight. I still haven't swallowed eight yet. He had the best party to date. Camping at home with five boys and a sister.

This child is learning each year that Auburn is in your heart. He believes and I love it!

It is true, that if you want to know what is important to you...look where you spend the most time and money. No matter how tired I am on Friday's...I drive to Auburn on Saturday. Nothing is better for the soul then old friends and 36830.

I miss running.
My ankle.
Well, I do not talk about it anymore. I am officially over it. Over the way it has changed my life. Over the fact now they are going to do surgery AGAIN. Over the fact it swells like this after a day of walking. Over the fact that it is STILL painful. Over it. But thanks for asking.

Tiger Walk back in my life and in my Saturday's. Life is Good. Hey, rumor has it a quarterback in town!

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and sometimes Saturday and sometimes Sunday...we are playing football. #48 that is. Otherwise known as Tbone. He has been known to put on a good show. And he is not near as exhausted as I am from football.

I really think each year we get busier and busier but the basic day to day life is the same. I keep busy doing all my normal things like folding clothes, cooking meals, keeping kids from killing each other and trying not to forget at the end of the day I am still a just a MOMMA ROACH ....kinda like a country song or it ain't.


Amy Leigh said...

Love it.

Jamie said...

This almost made me cry... almost.