Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Hat Night

Our church has AWANA on Wednesday nights. I get to hang with 4th grade girls and husband is the game guy. Daughter is in Cubbies with her Carter and her Jonah and her Mrs. Bre. She loves it. Son is in Sparks. We had crazy hat last night which is usually pretty easy to do. I was already running on low fuel and the kids wanted "Super" crazy hats. Last year, daughter wore a camo hat and son wore a AU hat with Aubie's tail safety pinned on the back. (not so crazy but they loved it!) Of course this year we just had to have "Super" crazy. Let's just say after 40 minutes of me acting like "NOT" mother of the year and the kids crying and laying on the floor, we settled on taping things to their bike helmets. They dispersed to the garage and came back with these items for us to tape to their hats. I must say it was really funny and daughter looked hilarious. Son stated his was a game hat. So thanking God that He saved our Wednesday night with duct tape.